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Psychological Assessments: In Person and Online

A psychological assessment is a comprehensive evaluation conducted by a registered (licensed) psychologist to objectively examine an individual's behavior, personality, cognitive abilities, emotional functioning and psychological symptoms. This evaluation typically involves a combination of standardised psychological tests, clinical interviews, behavioral observations and a review of historical and collateral information. The purpose of a psychological assessment is diverse, ranging from diagnosing mental health disorders, identifying learning disabilities, informing treatment planning or to provide insights for legal cases. The findings of the assessment are compiled into a detailed report which offers tailored recommendations based on the individual’s unique psychological profile.

For more than 10 years, the Psychology Network Pty Ltd is a leader in the psychological assessment of mental health and neurodevelopmental issues in adults and adolescents. With a network of clinical psychologists and clinical neuropsychologists across Australia and in selected countries world-wide, we offer psychological assessments by experienced and friendly practitioners to individuals and organisations.

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Cognitive Tests

Cognitive assessments are specialised evaluations designed to measure various aspects of an individual's intellectual functioning, including memory, attention, problem-solving skills, language abilities and logical reasoning. These assessments typically involve the administration of standardised tests and tasks that provide insights into how a person processes information, learns, and solves problems. The results are then compared to normative data to determine an individual's cognitive strengths and weaknesses.

Cognitive assessments are important as they help in identifying learning disabilities, intellectual disabilities and developmental delays in children, thereby aiding in the formulation of individualised educational plans. In adults, these assessments can be critical in diagnosing conditions such as dementia, traumatic brain injuries or cognitive impairments due to various medical conditions. Furthermore, they inform treatment and intervention strategies, guide career and vocational planning and provide a baseline for tracking cognitive changes over time, thereby playing a pivotal role in enhancing an individual’s quality of life and maximising their potential.

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Personal, Confidential and Secure

An assessment includes the exchange of personal information. Hence, all our assessments are confidential, private and secure. We communicate with external parties with written permission of the client only. In addition, we use a secure, end-to-end encrypted Telehealth platform for our assessments.

Psychological reports are available for you personally, disability support organisations such as the NDIS, Centrelink, employers and other third parties. A short report includes a description of the psychological tests, the individual results of the assessment as well as recommendations. Longer reports may include the full personal and medical history, a functional assessment and the results of a full range of cognitive tests.

Please note that government agencies in Australia, such as the NDIS or Centrelink, accept psychological reports from clinical psychologists only. We are a group of clinical psychologists endorsed by the Psychology Board of Australia.

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Fast and Online

Telehealth appointments allow us to draw on the services of all registered, clinical psychologists who work for the Psychology Network Pty Ltd, not just the services of providers who work at a particular location. Hence, we are in a position to offer online appointments much faster than face-to-face sessions. Please consider the convenience of having an online consultation.

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International Services

The Psychology Network Pty Ltd works with licensed, clinical psychologists and neuropsychologists in selected countries to provide online services. Our psychologists work as a team with the latest technology to offer psychological assessments and therapy. Please email us to find an available provider near you.

Why choose the Psychology Network Pty Ltd?

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1. Assessments by clinical psychologists in Australia.
2. Appointments in 2-3 weeks.
3. Online and face-to-face appointments.
4. Fees below those recommended by the Australian Psychological Society (APS).
5. Cognitive assessments, e.g. WISC and WAIS, are available on short notice.
6. Very fast delivery of psychological reports.
7. Experienced team with a track record of accurate assessments.
8. Flexible scheduling to accommodate your needs.
9. Collaboration with other healthcare professionals for holistic care and a comprehensive assessment.




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International Services

Autism and ADHD Assessments works with licensed, clinical psychologists and neuropsychologists in selected countries to provide online services. Our psychologists work as a team with the latest technology to offer psychological assessments and therapy.

Please email us to find an available provider near you:

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Please note that the Psychology Network Ptd Ltd is not able to offer crisis services. Therefore, if you or a loved one is thinking or talking about suicide then you will need to seek urgent medical attention or alternatively call a crisis service such as Lifeline on 13 11 14.

Our clinical psychologists and neuropsychologists are registered (licenced) in Australia. Due to international licensing laws, Australian assessments and reports may not be recognised in other countries.

Our psychologists do their very best to serve clients in need. A scheduled appointment means that both the psychologist and the counselling room are available at the allocated time. In case of a late cancellation, however, it is nearly impossible to book another client into the same time slot. Hence, it is policy to charge 50% of the consultation fee for cancellations within 48 hours and 100% of the fee for cancellations within 24 hours (business days), same-day cancellations or a failure to attend a scheduled appointment.

The Psychology Network Pty Ltd reserves the right to refuse or terminate services where this seems appropriate. The Psychology Network Pty Ltd also reserves the right to move face-to-face consultations to online appointments when this is necessary (e.g. lockdowns). Please note that we do not consent to the recoding of online sessions.

Please note the Privacy Policy as well as the Terms of Use of the Psychology Network Pty Ltd: The Protection of Personal Information. For ALL psychological services, payment must be made PRIOR to the consultation or delivery of a report.

In Queensland, a specialised medical practitioner, for instance a paediatrician or psychiatrist, must sign the documents for funding to be approved for a child. The Psychology Network Pty Ltd conducts psychological assessments and we collaborate with universities across Australia to develop new, accurate techniques for the diagnosis of a range of mental health disorders. Nevertheless, in order to obtain school funding, it is necessary to see a medical specialist.

By making an appointment/payment or using any of the resources of the Psychology Network Pty Ltd, you agree to the policies as outlined above, including the Cancellation and Privacy Policies, the Terms of Use as well as all Disclaimers.