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Autism (ASD) and ADHD Training for Psychologists
As a result of years of clinical psychological practice devoted to individuals, families and organisations who are affected by neurodevelopmental disorders such as Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), we have developed in-depth knowledge on both psychological assessment and therapy. Our databases are updated almost daily to share information with practicioners linked to the Psychology Network Pty Ltd.

Memberships are available for mental health practitioners worldwide with exception of the United States and Canada.

We would like to share our knowledge with you

  • Information on psychological tests for ASD and ADHD.
  • Information on psychological treatment protocols for ASD and ADHD.
  • Training videos for psychological asessment and therapy.
  • Self-assessment tests on topics in clinical psychology and mental health.
  • Ontologies (knowledge bases) on ASD and ADHD, including coaching strategies (additional fees apply).
  • Supervision (additional fees apply).
  • A client referral network for psychologists with an expertise on ASD and ADHD.

As an example, the Psychology Network Pty Ltd provides training videos on ADHD coaching for mental health practicioners and their clients:

Please email your membership application including the following details:
  • Full title and name.
  • Profession (psychologist, psychiatrist etc).
  • Full address.
  • Email address and phone numbers (mobile phone if possible).
  • The most recent license/registration certificate.

Please note that memberships are not available for individuals in the USA and Canada.

Please note the Privacy Policy as well as the Terms of Use of the Psychology Network Pty Ltd: The Protection of Personal Information.

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