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KRITON SPEECH: Hybrid Knowledge Acquisition
KRITON SPEECH interviews a user to build machine learning and knowlede-based systems.
There is no knowledge acquisition bottleneck, there is an attention bottleneck! In a world full of distractions, attention is a limited resource. Visualisation techniques attrack attention, fully occupy a user and do not allow multi-tasking. Visualisation methods are expensive!

Voice user interfaces (VUI) allow a user to perform other tasks while s/he is interviewed by the knowledge acquisition system. You can drive your car while talking to the knowledge acqusition system; you can go for a walk and still build a knowledge-based system. KRITON SPEECH takes the VUI concept to the extreme: All interaction is by speech and natural language dialogue.

The knowledge acquisition tool KRITON SPEECH is designed for users unfamiliar with artificial intelligence (AI) techniques as well as well-trained knowledge engineers. KRITON SPEECH is a general purpose knowledge acquisition tool incorporating different elicitation methods, such as interview techniques, protocol analysis, semantic text analysis and machine learning methods.

KRITON SPEECH uses voice only as the user interface. KRITON SPEECH interviews the user and as a result, builds ontologies and rule-based systems. The output is a Web Ontology Language (OWL) file that can be modified and edited by use of ontology editors such as Protege:

Below please find a sample dialogue that KRITON SPEECH may have with a user:

Kriton: What would you like to work on?
User: Mental health and related issues.
Kriton: Name three concepts that are important in the context of mental health.
User: Asperger, ADHD and Anxiety.
Kriton: Are these different concepts?
User: Yes.
Kriton: Do you want to consider Social Communication Disorder as well?
User: No, but I want to include ADD.
Kriton: What do Asperger and ADHD have in common that Anxiety does not have?
User: These are neurodevelopmental problems.
Kriton: What do Anxiety and Asperger have in common that ADHD does not have?
User: Social Discomfort.
Kriton: Do you want to accept DSM-5 concept definitions?
User: Yes.

KRITON SPEECH is using upper-level ontologies as well as existing domain-specific knowledge to interview the user. The employment and use of already acquired knowledge has major advantages: The interview aims at completing and refining existing knowledge in addition to the acquisition of new concepts and rules. Due to the utilisation of background knowledge, the interview is interesting and even entertaining. The objective is to keep the user motivated and engaged to develop as much as possible of the knowledge-based systems by use of speech and language only.

The video below demonstrates a number of psychological interview techniques to elicit knowledge from a domain expert. Examples of a free dialogue are in the second half of the video.

Please see this White Paper on KRITON SPEECH as well as this Powerpoint presentation. In addition, please see this list of references. Additional details are available by email: