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Psychological Assessment and Therapy for Aspergers and ADHD. Medicare Rebates for Mental Health.
The Psychology Network Pty Ltd offers targeted psychological assessment and treatment for attention as well as social communication issues. In addition, we focus on anxiety problems such as social phobia, obessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and ADHD frequently co-occur and both are commonly associated with mood problems.
Artificial Intelligence for Mental Health: 24/7 Everywhere.
The Psychology Network Pty Ltd offers intelligent software agents and mobile apps to support the psychological assessment and treatment of mental health problems and neurodevelopmental disorders. This includes the psychological assessment and therapy of attention, impulsivity as well as social communication issues. We are aiming at the closest possible nexus between clinical practice and technology development.
The Mental State Tracker
The Mental State Tracker is a mobile application currently developed for Android, iPhones and Windows phones. This mobile app is based on artificial intelligence techniques and combines a number of features: (1) The recording and analysis of speech to detect a number of mental health conditions as well as speech and language disorders (SLD). (2) The transcription of speech and the analysis of the resulting texts by various methods to determine mental health issues. (3) The analysis of transcribed speech includes the determination of suicide risk. (4) Standard questionnaires that are commonly used in clinical psychology and psychiatry are also offered and the results are compared with speech and text analysis. (5) The movement of the mobile phone (and thereby the user) is analysed to determine lack of mobility and relative social isolation. (6) DSM-5 compatibility interviews are offered to obtain more information on possible mental health conditions. Finally, (7) an explanation component is used to explain to a user "why" a certain decision was made (e.g. determination of low mood) and "how" it was made.

Download the Android version of the Mental State Tracker from Google Play.

Below please find a demonstration of the Mental State Tracker with ADHD coaching chatbot:

Please note that coaching is educational in nature and does not replace assessment and therapy by an experienced, qualified health professional. Below please find several suggestions for managing ASD and ADHD in adults.

Please return to this page frequently for more strategies for individuals with ADHD and ASD.

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